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Web Design

Your business is focused on the customer and your website should be too. We build simple to use websites that tell your story while attracting potential customers. Our websites are easy to navigate while maintaining responsiveness. Nearly half of all the people that will view your site will be using a smartphone or tablet, making responsiveness vital for a good first impression. Search engines also reward sites that are mobile-friendly. We also take extra steps to build in search enhancing features which helps drive customers to your web page.


A beautiful website which isn’t maintained is no different than buying a sports car and not taking care of it. Before you know it the wheels will fall off and you’ll be stuck with something that pains you to look at. A website is no different and that is why we offer maintenance packages for all sites we build. We will keep your site up and running as well as it did on day one. 


Site Security is vital. Small business websites are one of the most targeted website groups.  We also protect you from would-be hackers and spammers who could drive potential clients away. Search engines also promote safer sites, meaning prospective clients are more likely to find your website.


Of Cyber Attacks Target Small Business

The Number of Small Business Cyber Attacks Each Day in the US


Of Small Business Go Out Of Business Within 6 Months of a Cyber Attack

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